Industrial Microbiology: Current Status of Research & Development in India

  • Bhupinder Singh Chadha
Keywords: Research & Development; Alcohols; Enzymes; Biochemicals


Bio-Industrial Sector in India is still in its infancy, but growing steadily at CAGR of 11.2% accounting for total sales of USD 128 Millions. The multinational companies account for nearly 65% of the market, while the rest is met by the local industries. The Indian bio-industries are now reassessing and increasing their R&D capabilities and technical staff, establishing production units and developing an elaborate distribution system. The major industries employing microbial fermentation in India include alcoholic beverages and industrial ethanol, organic acids, enzymes and recombinant therapeutics. The upcoming lignocellulosics based biorefineries offers an exciting area of R&D and scale up at industrial level. However, there is urgent need to establish industries for fermentation of novel bio-molecules e. g. amino acids, novel antibiotics, etc. to be self reliant in face of vibrant geopolitical situation.


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