Recent Advancement in Studies of Deccan Trap and Its Basement; Carbonatites and Kimberlites – An Indian Perspective in Last Five Years

  • Jyotiranjan S Ray
  • G Parthasarathy
Keywords: Deccan Trap; Kimberlites; Mantle Rocks; Carbonatites; Mineral Physics; Phyllosilicates


We made an attempt to provide a status report on volcanic rocks and mantle derived rocks with a special focus on studies related to Deccan flood basalt, carbonatites and kimberlites from India, during last five years. The important problems related to the Deccan volcanism include 1. Origin of Deccan Trap whether plume related or impact induced or triggered volcanism (2) the details of composition, the internal structure and age distribution and (3) the relation between the large igneous provinces and major mass extinction. Carbonatites are mantle derived rocks, which are helpful in modelling the Earth’s interior. They vary in age from Archean to recent, and are found mostly on continents and thus provide valuable information about the evolution of the sub-continental mantle through time. This article also reviews most of the research contributions on Indian carbonatites of the last five years. Building on existing information on their modes of occurrences, field dispositions, chronology, petrology and geochemistry, we use the recent data to provide a comprehensive view on the origin and evolution of these carbonatites.


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