Recent Seismological Investigations in India

  • Prakash Kumar
Keywords: India; Seismotectonics; Himalaya; Andaman-Nicobar Subduction Zone; Tsunami


Recent seismological researches in India can be broadly classified under a) seismogenesis and seismotectonics of Himalaya, Burmese-arc, Andaman-Nicobar subduction zone, the Stable Continental region, b) study of reservoir triggered seismicity, with specific emphasis on earthquakes in Koyna, c) earthquake precursory studies, d) study of tsunamigenic earthquakes and establishment of Indian Tsunami Early Warning System, e) studies on site response, microzonation, earthquake risk, vulnerability, disaster management and risk, and f) use and developments of new seismological methodologies to study the deeper structure of the Indian shield.
     On account of the increase in population density and urbanization, the loss of human lives and properties by earthquakes are expected to continue to rise. To develop an earthquake resilient society, it is desirable to undertake seismic hazard microzonation, implementation of early warning system and carryout earthquake drills in critical areas. Further, emphasis have been given on the detail seismolgoical investigations on oceanic plate in the Indian ocean and slow slip earthquakes in the Himalaya.
     The article reviews the history, accomplishments, status and challenging trends in seismological research and its applications.
It further, shed light on the future directions and the growing needs for society.


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