Physical Sciences of the Ocean: A Report to IAPSO/IUGG

  • S Prerna
  • Biswamoy Paul
  • P A Francis
  • S S C Shenoi
Keywords: Ocean; IAPSO/IUGC; Physical, Chemical and Biological Sciences; Publications


A brief sketch of the advances in the oceanographic research in India that deals with physical, chemical and biological processes in the ocean during the period 2000-2018 are highlighted in this report. It is found that there have been significant progress in the research activities in this field with more than 2300 research papers published during the past 18 years. About 4827 Indian researchers were involved in authoring/co-authoring these papers and many publications were coauthored with foreign researchers spread across 44 countries. Notable achievements in the field of ocean sciences in the recent past are (a) a revolutionary understanding on the coupled processes over the tropical ocean and atmosphere, (b) enhanced capability in the numerical ocean modeling and data assimilation, (c) advancements in remote sensing techniques, algorithms and applications, (d) progress in our knowledge on coastal processes, and (e) marine bio-geochemistry.


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