Artemisia (Asteraceae) essential oils: compositional variation and mechanisms of its origin, biosynthesis of constituents, correspondence between biological activities and ethnomedicinal usage and repurposement prospects

  • Sushil Kumar NIPGR, New Delhi
  • Richa Goel
  • Vijender Singh
  • Raj Kumari
  • Renu Kumari
  • Suchi Srivastava
  • Gopal Rao Mallavarapu
  • Divya Goel
Keywords: Biosynthetic pathways; Morpho-chemi-genetic variation; Marker volatiles; Essential oil volatiles; Trichomes; Artemisia species diversity


Many species of the genus Artemisia, a taxon in the angiosperm family Asteraceae composed of more than 500 species, are widely used in traditional medicine, on account of the safe multi- curative properties of its secondary metabolites biosynthesized in chloroplasts and cytoplasm of cells, largely in trichomes. The steam distilled Artemisia essential oils, into which the volatile organic metabolites get extracted, have been observed to demonstrate enormous intra- and inter- species variation. This review summarises the nature of compositional variation of the volatiles of Artemisia essential oils, biosynthetic processes of the major classes of Artemisia volatiles, and mechanisms responsible for the variation in the content of volatiles in essential oils in Artemisia species. Further, the relationships between ethnomedicinal uses of various Artemisia species and biological activities detected in the essential oils of different Artemisia species are discussed with reference to the quality of essential oils. Artemisia essential oils offer highly significant repurposement prospects.


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