Agroindustry By-Product Based Formulations of Burkholderia gladioli for Plant Growth

  • Aparna Baban Gunjal Department of Microbiology, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune, India
  • Balasaheb Pandurang Kapadnis Department of Microbiology, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune, India
Keywords: Agroindustry by-product, Eco-friendly, Renewable, Formulation, Vigor index, Agriculture


Despite adequate density of desired microorganisms in the formulation, it is essential to demonstrate plant growth promotion potential of the formulation. Therefore, the work described here focuses on evaluation of paddy husk and pressmud based formulations of Burkholderia gladioli for the plant growth viz., maize, wheat, jowar and bajra which was studied by the pot experiment. The carrier based formulations showed increase in the germination and vigor index of maize, wheat, jowar and bajra. Significant increase in the plant growth viz., root length, shoot length and dry weight with paddy husk and pressmud based formulations of Burkholderia gladioli was observed. The use of paddy husk and pressmud based formulations of Burkholderia gladioli for plant growth promotion will be a new herald in blossoming of agriculture and soil biotechnology. This will be very eco-friendly, non-toxic, cheap and also reduce the use of chemical fertilizers.


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