Size at birth: effect on nutrition and adult onset disease

  • Siddarth Ramji
Keywords: Nutrition


There is an increase in the burden of adult cardiovascular diseases and Type 2 diabetes in low and middle Income countries including India. Non-communicable diseases contribute to almost 60% of all deaths in India. This is the result of the nutrition transition and emergence of overnutrition as major public health problem. Globally  and in India increasingly sedentary  life style and in some segments  of population habitual intake of  high fat, high sugar  energy  dense  food stuffs have been  the  responsible for the  rising overnutrition rates .In India there is an additional factor:  the high burden of low birth weight infants who undergo fetal programming. LBW not only contributes to high burden of under nutrition in under 5 children, but when accompanied by accelerated weight gains in childhood and early adulthood, it increase the risk for adult chronic disorders.


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