Status Of Cancer Research In India

  • Phulen Sarma
  • Prashant Sharma
  • Rahul Singh
  • Abhishek Mishra
  • Harish Kumar
  • Anusuya Bhattacharyya
  • Dibbanti Harikrishnareddy
  • Ashutosh Singh
  • Bikash Medhi Department of Pharmacology, PGIMER, Chandigarh


Burden of cancer in India is increasing day by day. Projected number of new cancer cases in 2016 is 1,219,649. This brings with it the need for research to investigate different India specific risk factors, mechanistic pathways, role of traditional herbal medicine, efficacy of different agents, comparative evaluation of me too agents etc. To evaluate the current status of cancer research in India, we have searched different databases like CTRI,, PubMed etc. regarding different publications on this topic from India. Number and quality of preclinical studies are very good, but the number of clinical studies published or registered are very less, compared to preclinical studies. North eastern states like Manipur, Mizoram are lagging behind in cancer research. We need infrastructure development to promote research in those states.