Cardiovascular Pharmacology for the past 5 years in India

  • S K Maulik Department of Pharmacology, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi


Over the last five years, cardiovascular pharmacology research has maintained its drive in both academia and industry in India. Academic research in both governmental and private institutes have been quite active and so were various government research laboratories. As pharmaceutical industries have been mostly involved in clinical trials with cardiovascular drugs, very few have also engaged in research and development of new molecules. Cardiovascular pharmacology research in India has been mostly centred around drugs for dyslipidemias, with a couple of breakthroughs. Anti-ischemic drugs and drugs for heart failure have also been given due priorities. Academic research which has a rich tradition in India, has been able to produce useful scientific resources and of late has realised the need for academia-industry research partnership to carry out meaningful research. In consonance with the heritage of rich traditional medicine, cardiovascular pharmacologists in India have been involved in both pre-clinical and clinical validation of the traditional drugs with active governmental support.