Spectroscopy and Mineralogy of a Fresh Meteorite Fall Kamargaon (L6) Chondrite

  • Bhaskar J Saikia Anandaram Dhekial Phookan College (ADP College)
  • G Parthasarathy National Geophysical Research Institute
  • R R Borah Nowgong College
  • M Satyanarayanan National Geophysical Research Institute
  • R Borthakur Nowgong College
  • P Chetia Jorhat Science Centre and Planetarium
Keywords: Meteorite, Spectroscopy, mineralogy, Kamargaon, ordinary chondrites


We report here for the first time, the spectroscopic, bulk, and trace element composition and mineralogical studies on a new meteorite that fell at Bali-chapari village, near Kamargaon Town, Assam, India (26°37ˊ56.99 ̋ N; 93° 46ˊ 11.51 ̋ E) on November 13th, 2015. The spectroscopic (Raman, FTIR, XRD) and petrographical (HR-ICP-MS, EPMA, XRF) studies reveal that the major constituents of the meteorite is olivine [(Mg, Fe)2 SiO4], pyroxene, sulphides and metal.  The observation of uniform composition of olivine and pyroxene, trace elements composition and well crystallised plagioclase indicate Kamargaon meteorite belongs to the petrologic L6 group of ordinary chondrites.

Author Biography

Bhaskar J Saikia, Anandaram Dhekial Phookan College (ADP College)
Assistant Professor, Department of Physics